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What is a first look and why should you do one? Let’s explore the reasons why many couples are opting to add this to their wedding day.

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As a wedding planner, I’m a HUGE fan of first looks. Although it is non-traditional, it adds a lot of value to your wedding day. First looks aren’t for every couple, so it is important to explore the effect it can have on your wedding day before making a decision.

So what is a first look?

A first look is the moment where the bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony begins. It typically involves just the bride, groom, and their photographer in order to allow for an intimate moment.

So why should you forego tradition for a first look? Below are some of the reasons they are a fantastic option for some couples.

1It Calms your nerves

Seeing your partner before walking down the aisle can help put you at ease. Sometimes all you need is that quiet moment with your partner in order to put the entire day in perspective. It allows you to take it all in, and realize what a beautiful and important day it is for the two of you.

2. More time for photos:

If photos are a priority for you, a first look is the way to go. Scheduling time before the ceremony to capture your romantic photos can open up your busy wedding day schedule. In addition, those with large families will benefit from the extra time as family portraits can be time consuming.  

3. Amazing, emotional photos

Seeing your significant other for the first time on your wedding day is an emotional, intimate moment. To share that moment alone (and with your photographer, of course!) will be something you cherish forever- and you’ll have the photos prove it!

4. Enjoy Cocktail hour

By finishing your portraits earlier in the day, you will have extra time to participate in and relax during cocktail hour. The cocktail hour allows you to take a breath, eat a hors d’oeuvre, have a glass of champagne, and settle in before the formal reception begins. Being able to chat with your guests before dinner can also relieve added pressure to rush through dinner in order to greet everyone.

If you are a traditional bride and groom, the first look may not be ideal for your wedding day schedule. However, those of you looking to stray away from tradition – this just might be the way to do so!

- Katie, Bride | Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen

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