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When it comes to wedding day styling, the perfect dress is just one small piece of your overall look. Hair & makeup can make or break the vision you have in mind for how you want to present yourself on your special day. Even if you hire the perfect stylist, without the proper prep and communication, you may leave the makeup chair desiring something different.

A bridal hair and makeup trial is a great opportunity for you and your stylist to find the perfect look for your wedding day. It allows for uninterrupted one-on-one time together which is difficult to achieve on the big day. Together you can experiment with different looks to find the most perfectly “you” look. Below is a list of recommendations to achieve the perfect trial.

1. Have clean dry and hair and a clean face

Remember, this is a styling – not a salon appointment. Stylists have a limited window of time on your wedding day and do not have the time to blow dry hair. Arriving with wet hair on your trial and/or wedding day can waste a lot of precious time!

2. Arrive on time

Stylists often have a full schedule so show up on time to eliminate stress & allow plenty of time to play.

3. Create a mood board

Pinterest is a great resource for this. Have 5-10 beauty inspiration photos ready to go. Go through each photo and know what you like about the each image. Having too many looks without a common thread will create more confusion for the stylist. Try to be as clear as possible with a specific look in mind.

4. Bring a photo of your dress

This will give the stylist a better of idea of your overall look. If you have a bohemian dress, your stylist will guide you away from more formal styles. After all, you want a cohesive look from top to bottom.

5.Bring your accessories

Veils, earrings, & other jewelry are an essential part of your look. This gives your stylist time to figure out what styles work and don’t work with your accessories ahead of time.

6. Be selective of who you bring with you

Too many voices in the room can lead to unwanted opinions & stray you away from what you truly want. Try to limit your trial to one confidant who shares your similar taste, will be supportive, and only give constructive feedback.

7. Speak Up!

Your stylist won’t know if you don’t like something unless you say something. Be as specific as possible with what you would like to change. Your stylist wants you to leave happy and will gladly tweak anything. This is your wedding day and it’s important that you love it!

8.Have fun!


-Should I bundle my engagement photos with my hair and makeup trial?

While this can be a good way to save a little money, I typically discourage this. First reason being, do you want to wear the same hair and makeup on your wedding day that you did in your engagement photos? Your wedding day should be a special look. Another reason is, that your trial is experimental and so you may try several looks and not leave picture perfect.

We all know hair and makeup is a vital part of your overall wedding day experience, so take full advantage of your trial to ensure that you get exactly what you’ve been envisioning!

- Katie, Bride | Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen

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